1. How will I vote?

Voting will be electronic this year. Every delegate should have submitted a valid email address, which will be the primary method of ballot delivery. Delegates that have provided a valid cell phone number may also receive a text message with a link to their ballot. Instructions will be provided to help you vote, but the process should be intuitive and simple for anyone with basic knowledge of Internet usage. Those with issues can call the helpline, which will be able to be found during balloting in the blue header at the top of the UDP Convention Website.


2. What about security?

We are using a highly regarded electioneering company called Election Buddy to help manage our election. Election Buddy has helped us design the ballot, will deliver the ballots and will count the ballots electronically and manually for us. The counting process will be faster than it has ever been in the history of the Utah Democratic Party, and will allow us to keep voting open for much of the day.


3. When do we vote?

Voting will take place on June 26, 2021, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm MDT.


4. What if I don’t get my ballot?

If you do not receive your ballot, you should first ensure that it has not been caught by your email filter and moved to your junk mail or trash. Before reaching out to UDP, please check this! If your ballot is not in your trash, please contact the UDP for further guidance. A helpline will be available prior to the beginning of balloting, and will be able to be found during balloting in the blue header at the top of the UDP Convention Website.


5. My fellow delegate didn’t get their ballot, can I just forward mine?

NO! Your ballot is unique to you. It cannot be shared and will be voided if the link you are emailed is forwarded or someone attempts to use it a second time.


6. How long will it take to get results?

We are intending to have results published to the Convention website within a timely manner after Victory Programming, currently scheduled for 5 pm on June 26, 2021 (barring unforeseen circumstances). No later than the first weekday after the convention, results from our 2021 Organizing Convention will be published to our website.


7. Where can I go to see a sample ballot?

Sample ballots will be provided as soon as possible and will be able to be found on the Convention site homepage.


8. I am getting calls from candidates on election day! Tell them to stop!

Candidates may choose to make calls, text, email, and engage with delegates during the balloting process. If you do not like this, we suggest you politely thank the candidate for calling, but tell them you aren’t interested. They will understand.


9. I’ve heard we are using something called Ranked Choice Voting. What is that?

Instant Runoff Ranked Choice Voting, or IR-RCV, is a type of voting procedure that avoids the need for multiple ballots. IR-RCV gives the delegates the ability to rank candidates in the order of preference. IR-RCV is not necessary for a two-person race, but in races with more than two people, it eliminates the need for a second ballot. This should maximize participation and minimize the time to obtain results. If you’d like more information on IR-RCV, check out the Fair Vote website.


10. What if I have other questions?

Great question! Just ask by sending us an email at convention [at] utdem [dot] org. If enough people ask the same question, we will post it here.