A photo of Daniel HickenDaniel Hicken (he/him)

Candidate for UDP Chair

Campaign Website: http://chartingournewcourse.com

Twitter: @Hicken_Daniel

Facebook: @Daniel.D.Hicken

Instagram: @Daniel.D.Hicken

Phone: 801-360-8368 / Email: Daniel@ChartingOurNewCourse.com

I’m Daniel Hicken, and I’m running for UDP Chair.  I’ve been volunteering for years.  Before my involvement in politics, I led two separate organizations for over a decade.  I learned the importance of collaboration and trust.  I took that learning into my 4 years of service as Utah County Chair.  Utah County was in dire straits when I took the reins. We did not have the volunteer base, finances, or the infrastructure.  Completing my service as Utah County Chair, I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. With our agile efforts in grassroot projects, we turned multiple precincts for Biden in Provo, and we doubled Democrat votes for Ben McAdams.  I trusted my beloved Utah County to a thriving core of strong leaders — a diverse group where 58% identify as female, and 72% identify as a minority.  One of those leaders had historically been one of my harsher critics, who I’m now happy to call a trusted friend. He still busts my chops when I’m wrong, and I respect him for it. I’m not the kind of leader who needs or even wants everyone to agree with me. I want to be surrounded by strong party leaders who bring their own experience and their own opinions to an ongoing conversation.

Leading Utah County, I’ve fostered an environment of trust, friendship, and growth. Future leaders grew and will thrive. Rifts have healed. The Utah Democratic Party deserves and needs leadership that’s focused on more than just the party bank balance, and more than just their term of office or their re-election. A leader who listens, and welcomes feedback, of any type.  That leader is me – and I hope you’ll join me in leading our Party to a very bright future. We will unify, we will strengthen, and we will push our democratic ideals forward for a Bluer, Better Utah.


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