Jacob Lawson

Candidate for UDP Chair


My name is Jacob Robert Lawson. I’m from West Jordan Utah, where I’ve lived my entire life. While I’m running for UDP chair, I am currently serving on the Community Support Services Advisory Council for Salt Lake County. My fellow councilors and I are working to resolve homelessness and other issues facing the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. We’ve done so by reviewing non profit grant applications over the past few months. We recommended funding for several housing grant applications, and crucial community resource grants, such as,


  • Rape Treatment Center
  • Torture Treament Program
  • SLCo Community Gardens
  • Job program Centers
  • English teaching programs


Before I was appointed to this council by Mayor Wilson, politics had driven my activism for almost a decade. In 2016 when Donald Trump won the presidency, I helped lead a walkout at Copper Hills High. As a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks last year, I successfully organized and unionized the first store in UT, the Cottonwood Heights Starbucks. I also helped the 4th and 4th Starbucks in SLC become the second unionized Starbucks in Utah. Organizing these union campaigns enabled me to join a wider, national movement, by participating in the National Bargaining Committee, as well as the National Contract Action Team. For voicing Utah’s concerns on the national stage last year, I was recognized with the 7 for 17 award for economic growth and decent labor at the International Youth Summit held by Utah Diplomacy.


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