Quang Dang

Candidate for UDP Chair

It is time to refocus on our Party’s mission: ELECTING more DEMOCRATS!


EXPERIENCE: I started by walking my neighborhood for Democratic candidates. Then I became a house district chair and recruited more volunteers to walk their precincts. Eventually, I joined my county’s executive committee working my way up to chair.


LEADERSHIP: Under my leadership in SLCo, Democrats won 27 races and flipped 4 seats! Recently, I was campaign manager for Chris Peterson/Karina Brown, the Democratic nominees for governor and lieutenant governor.


I will support our Democratic candidates. The Party should NOT accept defeat and back a non-party candidate, especially a candidate who does not share our Democratic values. A strong DEMOCRAT at the top of the ballot, like Kael Weston for US Senate, helps all the down-ballot Democrats. As UDP chair, I will support ALL our candidates, from US Senate to school boards, not just a chosen few.


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