Rick Jones

Candidate for U.S. Congress – District 1

Rick is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Utah’s 1st Congressional District. He has participated in several Utah House District races as well. Rick is a retired adjunct teacher of economics from Weber State and a well written constitutional scholar. Blake Moore has been a significant disappointment, even for right wing Republicans. Rick lives within his district and knows the needs of the 1st Congressional District voters. He is on the right side of Healthcare, Education, Livable Wage, Gender Equality, Clean Air & Water, and Public Land Use. Blake Moore’s “Just like Mike” red meat approach to issues needs to come to a close. Sending new Democratic faces to Washington next January will help to erase the pathetic representation that has become the norm for Utah. Strong Democratic candidates will certainly help those down ballot races. Please help Rick on his way to becoming our new representative.

U.S. Congress - District 1